Request for Expression of Interest | Sustainable Cities - The Pillars Mural

Application Deadline: June 15, 2018 at 4pm EST


Want to create a new work of public art which will be seen by thousands of people?

Friends of the Pan Am Path and Evergreen are accepting expressions of interest for this opportunity to create a large-scale outdoor public mural which speaks to the theme of sustainable cities.

In a collaborative approach with Evergreen and Friends of the Pan Am Path (FOPAP), and curatorial efforts by International Street Artist, Emmanuel Jarus, we endeavour to build upon our unique abilities to transform public landscapes into thriving community spaces.

Evergreen Brick Works has between 500,000 and 600,000 annual site visitors and is located between two wards of upwards of 120,000 residents, with a programming reach through the Don Valley of an additional 120,000 residents. This ‘backyard’ represents some of the greatest cultural, ecological and economic diversity in Canada.

With conditional support already in place from both Metrolinx and TRCA, the proposed project will involve painting the surface of large concrete pillars of Bridge 81 in the east parking lot of Evergreen Brick Works. The pillars face both Bayview Ave and the Don Valley Parkway, and are viewed by tens of thousands of commuters daily.

The project also acknowledges the strength, abilities, and reach of a leading Canadian artist, Emmanuel Jarus by positioning him in a curatorial role. Jarus will lead and facilitate the creative visioning for the project. FOPAP and Evergreen recognize the importance of creating space for a new generation of artists that can act as a catalyst for accomplishing amazing things.

This project is funded by Friends of the Pan Am Path (FOPAP). The Pan Am Path is an 87 kilometre legacy trail that links diverse neighbourhoods across 13 wards in the Greater Toronto Area. FOPAP is an independent non-profit with a mandate to bring the path to life and establish a legacy that continues to grow beyond the 2015 Pan Am/ Para Pan Am Games.

Additional Project Information

Evergreen Brick Works - East Parking Lot, 550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4W 3X8  

Concrete wall 70 feet high, 14 feet wide at base on east-west facing sides, narrowing to 10 feet wide at the top.

Aerial lift will be used to paint pillar surface from flat parking lot space adjacent to pillars (no overhead concerns, wire, etc.)


For enquiries regarding the Evergreen Brick Works site, immediate surroundings or theme of Sustainable Cities, contact Hannah Kemp, Art & Exhibits Coordinator, Evergreen Brick Works (

For advice related to creative visioning and artistic practice, contact Artist-Curator Emmanuel Jarus (

For questions about to the application process or the logistics of the project, contact Ann-Marie Power, Programming Director, Friends of the Pan Am Path (