The STEPS Initiative together with the Friends of The Pan Am Path launched Transformations Connected in 2017, a series of mural works of various designs, styles, and shapes featured below the Gardiner at the confluence of the Martin Goodman and Lower Don Trails (at Lake Shore and CherryStreet).

Artists Fathima Mouhiddin, Meera Sethi, Stephanie Bellefleur and Daniela Rocha focused on themes of environmental reclamation and migration, drawing on their own unique artistic styles these new works will speak to the many transformations that have taken place at the site. 

Mouhiddin’s mural concept features birds telling stories of personal struggles and triumphs experienced by all. The work aims to connect with the determined human spirit that exists within everyone, a sense of shared humanity and magic in a time of impersonal chaos.

Sethi’s design references the site’s transition from a WWI munitions dumping ground to its current form - an increasingly vibrant landscape, free of war and violence. The portion of the mural depicting the munitions will be painted low to the ground in the hopes that it will become overgrown with tall grasses, symbolically this suggests acknowledging a buried history while building a brighter future.

Both Bellefleur and Rocha’s designs use bold colour and their signature styles to uniquely  integrate patterns of abstracted figures, including fish, birds, wind, and water, all of which connect to the project’s environmental themes. 


Fathima Mouhiddin, Meera Sethi, Stephanie Bellefleur and Daniela Rocha.


ABOUT The STEPS Initiative

An award winning charity that bridges arts and culture, community, and city-building by animating unlikely spaces with unlikely partners. STEPS has been responsible for some of Canada’s largest and more community-engaged public art initiatives. Clair Mural, alongside STEPS’ award-winning social enterprise - PATCH - through which STEPS collaborates with landowners and developers to turn under-utilized spaces into an ongoing public gallery and that has received international recognition. STEPS work ranges from commissions as high-profile as the Ceremonial Cauldron for the TO2015 PanAm / Parapan Am Games, to building the capacity of youth and emerging artists to lead community-engaged projects.