AccessNow, Icon Wheelchairs and Google have teamed up to provide a streetview of the entire Pan Am Path with a custom off-road adaptive handcycle. Once the data is processed at Google HQ, this research will allow people with diverse mobility needs to preview the kind of experience they might have in accessing parks and trails prior to leaving the house. 

This approach helps the end-user interpret the trail conditions based on their needs. It will also be integrated into the go-to mapping platform and sidesteps liability issues that have stymied similar efforts to map and identify barriers to use in publicly owned spaces. 

By enabling informed trip planning this work also takes the anxiety out of visiting parks, trails and enjoying the benefits of spending time in the great outdoors. Hundreds of peer reviewed studies have shown that access to nature and exercise significantly aid in stress relief, pain management and post-surgery recuperation time. 

Through this project we aim to connect and provide access for diverse communities to use and enjoy creative outdoor spaces, especially along the Pan Am Path.



AccessNow uses crowdsourcing to collect and share accessibility information of places around the world. Founded by Maayan Ziv in Toronto, the tool is designed to empower one billion people around the world who live with disabilities, and millions of others, information on the accessibility status of places. 

Users can search for specific locations, such as a restaurant, hotel, or office, or browse the app to discover accessibility nearby. If information is not already available on the AccessNow map, users have the ability to add their own information, contributing to a global community of activists working to create a world with greater access for all.