The Waterfront Community has spoken!

CONGRATULATIONS to OCAD University artists Suzanne Simoni and Maryam Zaraimajin, as they've been chosen for the IN:SIGHT Rooftop Art project to be installed this summer on the @wnc rooftop!

Stay tuned to learn more about their proposed sculpture and their plans to incorporate artwork from the local community into the piece!


A rooftop art design competition amongst emerging artists and alumni from OCAD University who will compete to have their design of a temporary art installation on top of the Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre to compliment their upcoming solar panel installation.

The process will be overseen by a panel of WNC staff and youth leaders, local academics and Toronto public art leaders. The installation will be visible to local condo dwellers and air traffic in and out of the local City Centre airport.

This is an opportunity for an emerging designer or artist to have their work celebrated on a large scale and for the community to have an opportunity to share in how their neighbourhood is being transformed.


Stage I Submission Date: May 14, 2018 @ 4:00PM

Invitation to Shortlist Artists: May 22, 2018

Stage II Final Submission: June 14, 2018 (posted online June 15, 2018)

Stage II Open House: June 18, 2018 (online forum closes June 21, 2018)

Stage II Final Q+A w/ Assessment Committee: June 25, 2018

Artist Project Awarded: June 29, 2018

Installation Deadline: Completed by August 30, 2018


Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre (WNC) strives to engage all community members in an atmosphere of belonging, diversity and accessibility through programs, services and facilities. As a cornerstone of the community, WNC also advocates for the needs of this ever changing neighbourhood.

WNC meets the needs of a diverse and changing multicultural community, responding to the particular needs of community members who are at risk, vulnerable, marginalized or isolated. Their team believes in the provision of programs and services in a welcoming, accessible, sensitive and supportive place. WNC is committed to improving the quality of life for the residents of the neighbourhood.

WNC recognizes the value of providing volunteer opportunities for local residents to become engaged in the community centre and recognizes voluntary contributions. WNC is supportive of staff, ensuring they are rewarded appropriately for their work.


Established in 1867, OCAD U is Canada’s largest and oldest educational institutions for Art & Design. Their mission is to invite students to build aware, generous and joyful communities that integrate multiple perspectives and critical practices.